Connecting analytics and design to co-create a better future.

Who I am

This is my professional identity in a nutshell. You can read more about my experiences and background here.

Lisa Hehnke

I'm a Berlin-based transdisciplinary consultant and facilitator who partners with people, teams, and organizations to co-create meaningful change.

Strategy & Innovation
Human-Centered DESIGN


Let's talk about your challenges and ideas.

Sketch depicting Lisa Hehnke.

What I do

I've been co-creating change at the intersection of people, business, and technology for the last 7+ years to make the world a little better. Scroll down to see the areas I focus on.

How I do it? Find out here and solve an innovation challenge with me.

Drawing of a tree with light bulbs in varing sizes as branches. Created by Diana from absurd.design.


Addressing complex challenges from an integrated perspective to co-create systemic solutions.

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Designing people-centered strategies to identify innovation opportunities and collaboratively shape the future.

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Drawing a snail wearing a racing helmet crawling towards a checkered flag. Created by Diana from absurd.design.
Drawing of a person with an oversized light bulb instead of a head, watering a small plant with liquid from its light bulb. Created by Diana from absurd.design.

Future Skills

Facilitating workshops and sharing knowledge in public talks to empower people for good.

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